The goal of SIAEA shall be to organize and unite in fellowship the engineering and architectural professionals of Indian origin; to assimilate the arts and sciences of Indian Heritage into the American society to enhance the image and high visibility of Indian professionals and to stand tall within American mainstream.

Election Update

Dear SIAEA Members,

The 2017 Election Ballots are finalized.

Ballots will be mailed by Election Committee to all Life Members and to Members who have paid their current Annual dues for SIAEA fiscal Year 2016-2017.

The dead line to pay Annual dues, (per constitution) was January, 31st 2017.

The addresses used are populated based upon available data provided by previous Committees, Current 2015-2017 Committee and online profile updates by members before February 02, 2017.

Ballots will be mailed from NY during the week of February 06, 2017.

If you do not receive your Ballot by February 16th , please request another Ballot, stating your correct home address and Membership number via Email to ELECTIONCOMMITTEE@SIAEANY.ORG

Replacement Ballots will not be mailed after Feb 24th.

The request must come from registered email with SIAEA (same email that you are receiving this announcement), and with your new Address typed Clearly.

Please note that only Life Members and Members who have paid their Annual Dues are eligible to Vote.

Please do not request a Ballot, if you did not pay your Annual dues for fiscal year 2016-2017.

Thank you,