Our Society started with a phone call from Mohan Jethwani to Sital Daryanani in July 1981. It was then shaped and formed by a group of about 30 visionary and farsighted engineers and architects of Indian origin who met in September 24, 1981 in the City University Graduate Center's student cafeteria on West 42nd Street.


The Constitution and bylaws were adopted on June 16,1982.The Incorporation papers, signed by Messrs. Sital Daryanani, Sham Malhotra, Harshad Lakhani, Nick Massand and Mohan Jethwani, for a Type B Corporation filed in August 1982 with the secretary of the State of New York, pursuant to Section 201 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. The Certificate of Incorporation, approved on November 12, 1982 by the Honorable Stanley Parness, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Judicial District, was filed with the NYS Secretary of State on December 20, 1982. The Internal Revenue Service granted the Federal Income Tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) on July 9 1985. The Exemption from the State Sales Tax was granted on August 13, 1985.


. To provide mutual assistance to improve educational skills of the Society's members
. To enlighten the public at large by publicizing our contributions in engineering and architectural disciplines in Metropolitan area
. To advance understanding between the people of different ethnic and social heritages
. To create a mutually beneficial network


SIAEA has brought forth the collective minds of our brightest and experienced professionals from the Indian Subcontinent, based in and around NYC, as one organization and one voice.
SIAEA has fought strenuously in breaking down social and economic barriers which once marginalized our professionals, enabling our members and non-members to compete fairly within NYC’s thriving Engineering and Architectural industry. We have influenced City agencies to reverse allegations which led to the negative stereo-typing of Indians with non-native dialects and overturned the city’s policies in the hiring of only ABET-accredited graduates and denying Building Inspector positions to green card holders.
SIAEA continues to lobby for the rights and needs of our members, quashing disparity in our industries and promoting our abilities as Architects and Engineers of Indo-American heritage..